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Black History Minute / Sewing Edition 🤗
Most of us know that American inventor Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light, and an early version of the gas mask…
But, did you know…
He began his career as a self-taught sewing machine mechanic, and developed improvements to the machine mechanism, including the ability to create a zigzag stitch?!
Later, he and his wife, a dressmaker, ran a sewing business.
So, the next time you sew a stretch stitch, buttonhole or decorative stitch, think of Mr. Morgan ❤️🖤💚🧵

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If you’ve been feeling like it’s time for a new sewing machine, we’ve got three great options to fit your needs, your wants and your budget.  You can test drive sewing machines at the CE Studio in Rahway…  You’ll receive a $25, $50 or $100 gift certificate with any sewing machine purchase (for a limited time), so you can stock up on some juicy African fabrics to christen your new baby! Plus, after you purchase your machine, we’ll schedule a private 45-minute class to get you up and running on it right away!

First, let’s review the three types of sewing machine to help narrow down your choices…

Mechanical sewing machines will cover “the basics” for just about any sewing situation.  Knobs and dials are used to change the settings.  Mechanical sewing machines are the most affordable, with the higher end mechanicals offering more utility and decorative stitches.  A quality mechanical is a great choice for the beginner and a nice second machine for more experienced sewers to use at home and take to classes, retreats and on vacations…  Because they’re not computer-controlled, they are not subject to any issues during sudden power outages.  We recommend:  Janome Magnolia 7318 — includes a $25 studio gift certificate, valid for 30 days after purchase!

Computerized sewing machines are the most expensive type. These machines not only do a variety of utility and decorative stitches, but have the capability of creating embroidery designs.  Many have built-in embroidery stitches and alphabets, while some accept embroidery design cards, and still others can be connected directly to your computer.  Programmed stitches can also be stored in memory for future use. The computer circuitry involved with these machines allows for a more precise stitch pattern than the mechanicals.  You’ll want to protect your investment by plugging it into a good quality power strip with surge protection (such as you would use with your home computer).  We recommend:  Janome Skyline S5 — includes a $100 studio gift certificate, valid for 30 days after purchase!

Electronic sewing machines are basically a hybrid between mechanical and computerized models, creating a workable balance of bells-and-whistles with affordable pricing. Compared to the mechanicals, these machines generally give you a greater selection of utility and decorative stitches, several types of buttonholes, and conveniences like thread cutters and push-button controls.  Electronic machines will typically have an LCD screen that allows you to make adjustment to your stitches – giving more precision in your sewing. Because of the LCD display, they’re sometimes mistaken for computerized machines, but they don’t have the same embroidery capabilities.  We recommend:  Elna 560 Experience — includes a $50 studio gift certificate, valid for 30 days after purchase!

In general, more expensive machines also come with additional feet and other parts included. Come in and test drive one during our regular studio hours:  Wed 4-8pm, Thurs and Fri 12-6pm, Sat 10-6pm.  Or call us to arrange an appointment.  Location:  1417 Main Street, Rahway, NJ #1417mainstreet

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