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Hey, everyone  —  believe it or not, spring is on its way, which means NOW is the time to plan your post-hibernation creative activities!  We just confirmed “Kente & Culture”, a great event with our friend and Ghana’s master kente weaver, Kwasi Asare on Sunday, May 5.


He’ll give an informal presentation on kente cloth and its role in Ghanaian culture, then lead you in creating your own kente sample strip on a hand loom!  PLUS, to keep the vibe flowing, we’ll end the event by serving a light buffet of African-Caribbean cuisine, and it’s included in the workshop cost. ; )

If you’ve joined me on previous Ghana SewJourns, Kwasi will be familiar to you as our kente expert! It’s an event you won’t want to miss…  Register online or call Lisa at 866-MUDCLOTH (866-683-2568).  Space is limited!

(Even better, while you’re here for the event, you can also contribute your block for our “Sew It, Sign It” signature quilt project, benefitting Sickle Cell awareness!) 

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Find out which African fabric you are with this quick quiz!AfricanMapFabricSM8018842


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I remember seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway about 1,000 years ago with my parents, so it’s been long enough that I don’t really remember it.  But my interest was renewed when I watched a TV interview with the new lead actor, Norm Lewis, the first black man to assume the role.  His enthusiasm and passion for the role was infectious, and “Get tickets to Phantom” was added to my master to-do list for the summer…

About 2 weeks later, enter ScoreBig.com, a company I’d never even heard of until they sent me a get-acquainted invite and coupon code via email.  It works kind of like Priceline used to – you choose an event and performance, the seating category, and enter the price you’re willing to pay.  It was actually a pretty easy process, and kinda fun if you like to bargain-hunt.


So I booked the tickets at considerable savings for less that the price of Telecharge, and with no added fees, which I like.  Kentes13CROP-WM


All that’s left is to try to convince the costume manager that the Phantom would look better wrapped in kente than a black cape  ; )  I’ll bring some reference swatches and initial concepts with me just in case…Yes, 
The Phantom of the Kente Market – Canustandit!!

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