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The highlight of Cultured Expressions’ SewJourn Santa Fe is our two-day workshop with master fiber artist Gasali Adeyemo.  We immersed ourselves in glorious indigo, learning his batik and tie-dye techniques, along with the cultural significance of indigo in Yoruba culture.


I always provide the SewJourners with white brocade fabric and rubber gloves to use during the workshop, but I always look forward to the opportunity to dunk my hands into the freshly prepared indigo.  This year, I was accompanied by several of the participants. Who needs gloves when you can experience the undeniable spirit that exists in the dye.

Later that day, we took it to the NextLevel by applying clear nail polish to preserve the indigo dye on our nails only, as the rest of it washed away or wore off…


We loved he results!  I generally don’t bother with nail polish on my fingers, but this here is different.  i guess it’ll be my once-a-year Indigo manicure.  I wonder how long it will last with a few touchups of clear…

Join me in Santa Fe next year for authentic indigo batik… and manicures ; )  Thanks, brother Gasali!!

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So only today did I finally get around to un-tying and unveiling the fruits of my labor at our mini workshop with master textile artist Gasali Adeyemo, part of last week’s SewJourn to Santa Fe…he shared with us some fancy folds that result in some of my favorite “special effects” tie-dye patterns.  I figured I’d keep it simple and work on a couple of fat quarters.

Indigasms I Love My Tie-Dyes Cultured Expressions

I always say that my contacts in Ghana have me spoiled to the point that I don’t ever seriously consider dyeing my own fabric (why make my own when there are perfectly good, professionally made pieces waiting to be bought, right?)  but we all had a great time and I would definitely immerse myself in it again, pun intended.  But I’ll probably have to wait until our next visit with Gasali and his authentic Nigerian indigo, but I look forward future indigasms!  And I’d love for you to join me, so watch for announcements of our next SewJourn to Santa Fe.

Thank You again to my talented and gracious friend Gasali, and to our SewJourn participants.




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Next Stop:  SewJourn to Santa Fe, New Mexico  –  October 1 through 6, 2014.

This SewJourn is the perfect opportunity to explore the unique cultural mix and creative vibe of the Southwest, with an African twist, or course! Create Nigerian adire cloth, spin  a little pottery, enjoy the local artists, and indulge in some spa time.

Our group size will be limited to 10 participants to ensure a rich, personalized experience. We’ll enjoy a variety of artistic expressions, culturally diverse food & drink, and naturally, we’ll make time for the mineral springs & spa treatments.   Did I mention the shopping?  Treat yourself… Here’s the Brochure!

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Fabrigasm3DeliveryYAAAYY!!!!  The good news – We just got our delivery from the printer, and Fabrigasm Issue #3 is now a real, real reality. UPS just made it before The Storm!

The bad news —  The snow is just starting, so I probably won’t get to the post office to ship the advance orders until Saturday! (I guess it would take me that long to process these anyway… ) Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our Dec 31 FREE SHIPPING deadline.  If you missed it, you can order your copy online now from Cultured Expressions.

It’s an oversized 36-page issue, with images from the SewJourn exhibit in Ghana! Also, read about our next SewJourn – we’re headed to Santa Fe, NM this fall!  Plus… exhibit reception pix, tips for planning your sewing year, Stuff We Like, two free projects, upcoming events, retail therapy, the Goat Gallery of course, thought-provoking discussion questions, and other inspiring things.

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