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LisaOutdoorsCEHey everyone, and Happy 2020!  Welcome to a brand new year, the perfect time to hit the ground running ; )  I know many of you are engaged in your creative businesses, or planning to launch your business soon. Congratulations, that is Excellent!  And like some of the talented individuals I’ve helped over the years, you might feel as though you need some help focusing your business, whether it’s tightening up your actual creative techniques, getting over your Sewcrastination, or wanting some insight into marketing and developing your business  —  trust me, I get it!


With more creatives deciding to start or further develop their businesses than ever before, I decided to give more structure to the way I’ve been helping others.  So, in Fall 2019 I launched Artisan Business Coaching just for you!  With over 20 years growing the Cultured Expressions brand, and over 30 years in the sewing/quilting/craft industry altogether, I’ve experienced a lot, I’ve figured out a lot, and I’m still enjoying the journey!

If you feel YOU are at a point where you and your business can benefit from a coaching relationship, check out Artisan Business Coaching and complete the contact form online., or call me at 866-MUDCLOTH.

**** And as a New Year’s Get Busy bonus, I’m offering an extra bit of motivation: Sign on by January 31 and get 10% off Cultured Expressions products for the length of your coaching!  Just mention this blog post.

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Yep, we’re competing for one of 20  Chase “Mission Main Street” small business grants of $150,000 each, and we need YOUR help!  If you’re on Facebook and have about 45 seconds, you can move us closer to our qualifying goal of 250 votes – then we advance to the main competition to win one of twenty of these generous small business grants! (That stage includes the submission of essay questions and other qualifying exercises).  So, you can vote in one of two easy ways:

1.  Log into FB as usual, and visit one of my pages (Lisa Shepard Stewart OR Cultured Expressions) and click on the link in my post.   You’ll come to the voting page. Enter “Cultured Expressions” in the search box and you’ll see Cultured Expressions come up. Then just cast your vote.


2.  Just click on this link, which will bring you to your Facebook login — once you’re logged in, enter “Cultured Expressions” in the earch box and you’ll see Cultured Expressions come up. Then just cast your vote.

Thank You for your Vote, and Please pass this on to your FB friends, too.     —    lisa



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